Lion of Judea.
Black Opal eyes and Jade cabochon by the late Leo Kilger,
Scrimshaw on Ivory by Catherine Adams, Sterling Silver
setting by Demi.
Belt Buckle.  
Sterling Silver, Rosewood,
Teak, Ivory and Star Garnet
Private Collection
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Private Collection
                                       A brief Bio.
Born in Jamaica, W.I., I grew up in between there and Nassau, Bahamas.  After many years as a
Diver and Water Sports Instructor in both places, I developed an interest in leatherwork.  After a
couple of years as a sandalmaker I took off and spent the next 10 years travelling.  I spent time in
England, Canada, Spain and Oregon, living and working with local artists, learning how to blend
Silver, leather and other elements into harmonious forms.
In the late 80s we bought some land and built a photovoltaic (PV) powered home.  We also
started and ran a Solar Energy business for a couple of years.  The experience enabled me to
get a job as a research engineer in Solar Energy, where I worked on many exciting projects
during the next 20 years.
I retired from the Research Center in 2008 and am again making interesting things, some of
which I sell on eBay.   I have also been making pocket holsters and just got a wood lathe.
Holsters for other pistols:
Glock,  PPK/s,  
Kahr          Seecamp,  
Smith & Wesson