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Pistol Holsters
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Ruger, KelTec, Smith & Wesson
K 14
Samurai Tanto Knife with a Damascus Steel Blade, cased in Chakte Viga.
Blade is 3" long, blank made by Alabama Damascus with 4 layers 5160, 3
layers 203E, 3 layers 52100, 3 layers 15N20 folded 5 times for 416 layers.  
Blade has been precision ground, laser cut, hollow ground and heat-treated to
58-60 RC.
Chakte Viga is sought for the unrivaled orange color tone that it is known for.
Ranging in shades from light apricot to burnt orange with hints of red, Chakte
Viga’s color will deepen with age and exposure.  It has very fine texture with
a closed grain that sometimes displays figuring. Also known to be termite
resistant, it is used in some remote areas of Mexico for wood posts. Some of
these posts are said to be over 100 years old.  The wood yields a red dye
which is said to be the pigment used in imprinting the "red hand" found on the
walls of many of the Maya buildings.