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Pistol Holsters
Glock,  PPK/s,  Kahr    Seecamp,  
Ruger, KelTec, Smith & Wesson
Samurai Tantojutsu knife.  The hilt and sheath of this knife are triple laminated from
Mahogany.  It is 14mm thick and weighs 125 Grams.  The solid construction of this knife
allows it to be used as a Yawara.
Made by Two Finger Knife.  Materials:  25-layer billet of high-carbon steel and 15n20
high-carbon steel with 2 percent nickel forged to make a 200 layer Damascus and
tempered to RC 58-59.
Mahogany wood is a richly colored material that is among the more valuable wood species
in the world.  It is known for its unique pink coloring, which develops into a deep
reddish-brown as the wood ages.  It is incredibly strong and durable, allowing craftsmen to
create long-lasting products.  Wooden boat producers also rely on mahogany due to its
strength and resistance to rot.
African ebony is an extremely strong, hard, and dense wood that has a very fine texture, is
very stiff, tough, possesses exceptional shock resistance and is resistant to insects, decay
and moisture.
K 7