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Pistol Holsters
Glock,  PPK/s,  Kahr    Seecamp,  
Ruger, KelTec, Smith & Wesson
These knives are made using Damascus or Carbon Steel blades and woods that will stand up to use.   Sheathes are
either leather, wood or a combination of both.  Some knives will be of similar design while still being unique.     Some
will be the only one made.  Many designs will have a reference to Japanese or other oriental origins.
Blade blanks are from local Bladesmiths.  Gene Martin of Oregon, Alabama Damascus of Alabama and Two Finger
Knife of Idaho.
Many different woods are used for the scales and sheaths.  They are selected for natural durability and beauty.  
“Stabilized” or synthetics are rarely used.  (There are knives that have been in use for hundreds of years made with
natural materials.)  
Sheaths are of vegetable tanned leather, molded to the knife before being glued and stitched.   
Some are everyday sheath knives, others self defense tools and those that can serve both purposes.  i.e. Those that can
serve as Yawara sticks.   (The Japanese art of knife fighting, Tantojutsu, is often practiced with sheathed knives and is
said to be the origin of the Yawara discipline.)
They are a new addition and almost all of them will be unique and "One of a Kind".
Thanks for looking at our knives.  
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